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6 Mindful Ideas to Be More Content in Life

What makes you content? Life is so full of distractions and endless to-do lists, it’s easy to forget what it’s all about. For me, the goal is not to be happy, but content. You can be happy or sad. Both are part of our lives. Contentment lies deeper within us....

Why This Software Developer Practices Mindfulness

Sometimes it‘s hard to think. You‘re stressed because you can‘t find the cause of bug #476. Your mind is a fuzzy cloud because it‘s thursday evening... Practicing mindfulness can‘t prevent such situations. But it can make you feel more at ease....

6 Rules of Mindful Productivity for Software Developers

There’s always something to do. This can feel like you didn’t get anything done at the end of the day, even though you’re feeling tired. Mindful productivity is a way to work on what matters, focus on the present, and take breaks and time to recharge....

7 Mindfulness Exercises Developers Can Do Every Day

Your mind is busy. Sometimes you don’t hear your own thoughts or notice how you feel. Then again, other times, your thoughts are so clear that you notice every single thought coming and going. This second state is called mindfulness....

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