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Personal Growth Should Make You Happy, Not Miserable

This project is currently on pause. Thank you for reading and all the best for your journey!

Nerdful Mind has been a weekly newsletter for developers. It covers ideas from mindfulness, meditation, and mindful productivity.

Mindfulness can help you to improve the health of your heart and reduce repetitive negative thinking. It may improve your cognitive abilities and reduce age-related cognitive decline. Since I have been meditating I notice that I am more balanced, more focused, and more content.

Mindfulness is not a cure for (mental) health issues, neither is it a sure path to happiness. It is a tool in your toolbox. One that gets stronger the more you use it. That allows you to stay in the present moment, and to let go of the constant chatter in your mind.

For some it becomes a way of living. But you don’t need one hour of daily yoga and meditation to reap its benefits.

😍 Who this is for

  • You're a developer or working in the software industry (SM, PM, PO, Ops, Testing, ...)
  • You want to become more content with your work
  • You're worrying if you're on the right path
  • You're missing the feeling of progress in your professional or personal development
  • You want to have fun in your job and continue learning
  • You want to get rid of anxiety and impostor syndrome

🚫 This is not for you, if

  • You dislike all "self-help" literature and want to "figure everything out" yourself
  • You don't believe you have room for personal or professional progress
  • You mistake other people's experiences as hard facts
  • You have mental health issues (e.g. depression or suicidal thoughts). Although mindfulness may help you, and I'd happy if you subscribed, I urge you to talk to a professional.

πŸ“¬ This is what you get every sunday

  • One idea from mindfulness, meditation, or mindful productivity
  • Three reading recommendations:
    • One link about mindfulness or mindfulness research
    • One link about psychology or neuroscience
    • One link about software engineering
  • One mindfulness exercise for the week ahead

If you're not yet convinced, here are three issues I like:

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