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Are Meditaton and Life Separate? – Nerdful Mind #24

June 28, 2020 by Simon Mannes

How do you approach your meditation? You sit down and do your favorite meditation technique. Then.. What? How do you transition from meditation back to life?

You open your eyes, smile, take a deep breath, and carry on with your day. Throughout the day you remember what your meditation felt like, and think of tomorrow, when you'll meditate again.

But the best thing that you can do is:

Take this meditation feeling with you.

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Meditation and life are, ultimately, the same. Meditation is something you take with you throughout your day. You practice awareness and compassion in your meditation, but you only use that as an anchor for the rest of the day.

Meditation practices are only a small part of our days. When we don't see it as "here's meditation - there's life" anymore, but as simply taking that meditation feeling with us, we become more mindful every day.

“Meditation and life are not separate. Meditation simply helps us to see and understand life more clearly.” – @Headspace

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Weekly Mindfulness Practice

When you finish your next mindfulness exercises, focus on just the next thing you want to do after standing up. Do it with intention and with your full attention. When you get distracted, return to what you want to do.

Take this feeling to the next activity, and the next, and the one after that.

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