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Does Mindfulness Make You Productive? – Nerdful Mind #136

August 21, 2022 by Simon Mannes

A quick online search for “mindfulness for productivity” gives 7.8 million results with articles from Forbes and Inc.

From my personal experience, the core message of these articles is correct, but not complete.

Yes, practicing mindfulness can improve productivity. And it’s great to have a reason to start with it. But the more you practice, the more you notice that productivity is not the most important result.

Whether you're starting for the calmness, like me, or for productivity or peace of mind. I'll bet the reason for most people to keep practicing is the increased happiness.

The practice has shown some wonderful effects on my life over the years. But the single biggest one is that I'm just happier.

“The present moment is filled with joy and happiness. If you are attentive, you will see it.” – Thích Nhất Hạnh

Reading Recommendations

Zen Productivity

“This morning I had a ton of work to do, and I felt the anxiety building, the moment I woke up and started thinking about all that work. Instead of getting moving, I watched my anxiety. It’s an interesting feeling of rising panic, of adrenaline shooting from my chest outward.”

Obstacles to Productivity

“Productivity isn’t always easy to maintain. It can be thrown off by anxiety, burnout, lack of sleep, poor time estimation or decision-making skills, or simply having too many competing priorities. An otherwise productive day can also be derailed by external factors—particularly in the workplace—that make staying on task difficult, even if the individual is highly motivated to do so.”

5 Factors That Reduce Developers' Productivity

“Explore factors and obstacles that hamper a developer's productivity, and practical solutions to solve these common productivity blockers.”

Weekly Mindfulness Practice

Smile to yourself in the mirror. Try this out today. Repeat it every morning this week.

Smiling has so many positive benefits on your mind and body. It releases endorphins and reduces stress. This works even when you don't feel like smiling.

If it helps you to smile even brighter, try to think of someone or something that brings genuine joy into your life.

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