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Express your feelings – Nerdful Mind #37

September 27, 2020 by Simon Mannes

How do you know what you feel?

Yes, you ‘should’ feel how you feel. But that doesn’t always work, at least for me. I think I’m feeling a certain way, but in retrospect it’s obvious that there were more things hidden under the surface.

What works wonders in uncovering my feelings is taking the time to describe them to someone.

Use the simplest formula: “I feel ...” followed by one or two words. Sentences like “I feel tired”, “I feel angry”, “I feel tired”, or “I feel content”. Then explain that feeling or give it details, without attacking the human listening to you.

Don’t say “I feel like ...”, because that is often an “I think” and doesn’t get you closer to your real feelings. Also avoid “You make me feel ...”, because that can seem aggressive towards the person listening and invites counter-aggression.

Constructively expressing your feelings helps you to get a stronger grip on your emotions, and it supports your friend, partner, or family member to further understand you.

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Weekly Mindfulness Practice

Take a deep breath and let everything go.

Close your eyes.

Think about one thing, moment, or person who made you happy today.

Enjoy that feeling for a few breaths.

Open your eyes with a smile.

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