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It's About the Journey – Nerdful Mind #47

December 6, 2020 by Simon Mannes

Life is a journey.

You’ve heard this before. But this analogy goes further than you may think.

If you have goals, you spend your time working towards these goals. But the journey of your life doesn’t stop once you reach your goal. Being alive is more like being on a continuous journey.

When you’re driving, there are milestones on the side of the road. You reach certain milestones, but the journey continues.

Your goals are pretty literally milestones. They show you how far you’ve come. They give you an opportunity to celebrate. But afterwards, the journey must go on. You can’t sit on that milestone forever.

See goals as milestones you want to pass and celebrate. Figure out a direction you want to go, even after you reach your milestone.

If you find your own direction and pace, you will naturally pass the milestones that are important to you.

Optimize your life for the journey. Smell the flowers on the way (if that’s your thing) and enjoy the scenery.

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Weekly Mindfulness Practice

Take a deep breath whenever you're compiling or running your code.

It often takes a few seconds from hitting “run” until your code actually runs, so this is a perfect anchor for returning to the present moment. Take a conscious breath and ask yourself how you feel. Are you tired, restless, or do you feel okay?

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