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Mindful Goal Setting – Nerdful Mind #43

November 8, 2020 by Simon Mannes

Is there something you want to change?

It’s great that you wish to improve. That means you’re alive. That you have ambitions, dreams, and that you’re on a journey.

But where do these goals come from? At what point did you decide: “that’s what I want to pursue”.

Mindful goal-setting is based on two basics: acceptance and values.

Acceptance in this context means that you see clearly where you are now and accept that change takes time.

Your Values should be the basis for all your goals. Be clear about why this goal is important to you. Find the why.

When it comes to achieving your goals, I found thinking in visions and systems much healthier than concrete objectives. You can’t control how much weight you lose or how many followers you get. But you can control your inputs: how often and long you exercise and how many articles you write.

If you want to learn more about mindful goals, read the article below from Omar Itani.

You cannot control the results, only your actions. – Allan Lokos

Reading Recommendations

A More Mindful Approach to Goal-Setting — OMAR ITANI

“The point of a goal is not to create a momentary-change, the point of a goal is to create and sustain a lifetime-change. In this article, I’m sharing with you a more mindful approach to goal-setting that puts growth, awareness, and progress at the core of it, while transforming the outcome into a milestone to celebrate rather than a futuristic point in time to arrive to.”

Does Keeping Busy Make Us Happy? - PsyBlog

“People dread being bored and will do almost anything to keep busy, but does keeping busy really make us happy?”

The Cab Ride | Jonathan Stark

A story about three different kinds of problem-solvers. Which type are you? And which type do you want to be?

Weekly Mindfulness Practice

Take a quiet minute and say this sentence out loud to yourself:

I love myself.

How does it make you feel?

If this sentence feels good to you, great!

If it makes you feel a little uneasy, that’s ok, too.

Remember: you deserve to be treated with kindness, fairness, and love by the person closest to you, yourself.

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