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Practical Mindfulness With RAIN – Nerdful Mind #81

August 1, 2021 by Simon Mannes

RAIN is a technique I learned from the book “10% happier” by Dan Harris.

This acronym stands for:

  • R: recognize
  • A: allow
  • I: investigate
  • N: non-identification

It's a method to apply mindfulness in acute situations (which he learned from Tara Brach).

“Recognize” is finding out what's going on in your mind or body by listening. Acknowledge that the thought or feeling is here.

To “allow” it, you accept the thought or feeling is present and let it be. “Let go”, as the Buddhists say.

Now, “investigate” how it affects your body. Does your pulse race, or do you feel heat somewhere in your body? If something is really acute and present, it affects your body.

For the last step, “non-identification”, recognize that you are not this thought. You are not that feeling. It is a passing state of mind and not part of you as a person.

I like how practical this technique is and hope you can put it to use.

“Learn how to be happy ‘before anything happens.’” — 10% Happier

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Weekly Mindfulness Practice

Do the RAIN exercise from above. Try to find three opportunities over the next three days to apply it. I found this exercise really valuable in acute situations, and doing it a few times helps you remember it in the future.

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