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Seeing Everyday Beauty – Nerdful Mind #64

April 4, 2021 by Simon Mannes

I always marvel at the complexity and beauty of our universe.

Whether we look at the smallest subatomic particles or the largest structures in our universe. We can find beauty everywhere.

There's so much we as humans don't know. So much to learn for every individual. So much to discover as a species.

I find joy in learning more about the surrounding universe. There's beauty waiting to be discovered.

We just have to decide to see it.

“Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson

Reading Recommendations

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“Our unconscious judgment of situations and of other people is nearly constant; as humans, we are drawn to narratives just as those moths are drawn to a flame. What if we allow ourselves to snuff out that flame and take in our visual field without narrative—and without judgment?”

Why does music move you?

“Have you ever found yourself dancing, caught up in music? We often attend events where we listen to music and find ourselves starting to dance without even noticing. We shake, clap, tap, and let our body swing with the rhythm. Music cognition influences human behavior and makes us move, but how?”

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Weekly Mindfulness Practice

This week take your time to marvel at the beauty that surrounds us by asking yourself two questions:

  • What are my passions?
  • Where do I see beauty around me?

Take a few minutes and write your answers. As I did this exercise, it left me smiling and in awe.

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