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Something Sustainable – Nerdful Mind #89

September 26, 2021 by Simon Mannes

Sustainability is big right now.

And rightfully so.

But it isn't tied to a specific industry, or category. Sustainability is also relevant in many personal areas.

A handful of cookies per day can be sustainable. But an entire cake every day isn't. Cheating on your partner isn't sustainable. Fixing (or ending) your relationship is.

Two questions help me identify and improve good habits, and restrict bad habits (or stop them before they manifest themselves):

Look for sustainability. Not only in what you buy but also in what you eat and how you behave towards others.

Reading Recommendations

58 Science-Based Mindful Eating Exercises and Tips

“Although mindful eating can help you get physically healthier, mindful eating exercises does just one thing: help you build a better relationship with food.”

Remember more by taking breaks: Longer breaks during learning lead to more stable activation patterns in the brain.

“We remember things longer if we take breaks during learning, referred to as the spacing effect. Scientists gained deeper insight into the neuronal basis for this phenomenon in mice. With longer intervals between learning repetitions, mice reuse more of the same neurons as before -- instead of activating different ones. Possibly, this allows the neuronal connections to strengthen with each learning event, such that knowledge is stored for a longer time.”

Scaling in the presence of errors—don’t ignore them

“Scaling in the presence of errors—don’t ignore them Building a reliable, robust service often means building something that can keep working when some parts fail. A website where not every feature is available is often better than a website that’s entirely offline. Doing this in a meaningful way is not obvious.”

Weekly Mindfulness Practice

Grab your hands and squeeze them tight. Hold that for 5 to 10 seconds, then let go. Be aware of how your hands feel. Stay with that feeling as long as you can.

This is a quick exercise that you can repeat throughout the day.

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