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Talking Mindfulness – Nerdful Mind #132

July 24, 2022 by Simon Mannes

This week I held a keynote speech about mindfulness at a small local networking event. I really enjoyed preparing and giving the talk, but what I enjoyed most were the conversations after.

The talk had a small mindfulness exercise (1 min breathing & body scan), and much to my surprise, most attendants went along with it.

Sharing my journey and connecting with people after the talk was wonderful. I learned a lot about how others started their journey, how their practice looks like, and I got quite a few interesting book recommendations.

If you talk with people about mindfulness:

  • they are either already practicing some form of it, in which case your conversation can be very rewardful, with each one of you learning a lot.
  • they aren't practicing but are generally open to this topic, in which case you might inspire someone to try this out, or you'll at least have an interesting time answering questions and learning in the process.
  • they aren't interested in this topic at all.

Everyone is in a different place on their mindfulness journey, and some will never start it. And all of this is ok.

Talk and listen like you practice: with open ears and a caring heart.

“Sharing will enrich everyone with more knowledge.” ― Ana Monnar

Reading Recommendations

3 Important Lessons on Mindful Communication

“Perhaps you’ll resist the urge to interrupt with a question and find that given some space, the other person volunteers the answer or moves into a new direction without you having to ask. […] Having shifted and re-collected yourself, you are better equipped to redirect your attention away from a stress response and your narrowing focus toward a more generous interpretation of what is happening.”

Origins of Interest

“One’s interest and passion are so important to career, choice of spouse, and overall sense of self and contentment… how is it supported? ... how does it go so awry? How can development proceed well and how can it become so derailed?”

Is Kubernetes right for me? Choosing the best deployment platform for your business

“Since its inception in 2014, Kubernetes has become a de facto standard for container orchestration. It’s being hailed as the new way to deploy and maintain your applications, but do you really need...”

Weekly Mindfulness Practice

Try to find someone who also practices mindfulness and talk about your journey and experiences, why you started, etc….

End Note

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