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Trust and Respect – Nerdful Mind #60

March 7, 2021 by Simon Mannes

Trust and respect make or break teams.

Let's break this sentence down:

  • A team is a group of at least two people that have common goals. This encompasses your team at work, and your relationship or family.
  • Trust has a time dimension. For the past, trust means to always choose the most positive interpretation of what someone has said or done. Trust in the present means you trust someone to not hurt you. And directed into the future, trust means to believe that someone won't hurt you, and that they will do their best to work towards common goals.
  • Respect means to appreciate all viewpoints and opinions of team members. It means to seek an understanding of the position of others before responding with your own.

Respect combined with trust leads to an atmosphere where every team member (partner, family member, colleague) feels safe and appreciated.

Together, they allow you to say: “I don’t understand your viewpoint, but I trust your judgement. How can we proceed?”

“Trust is built when someone is vulnerable and not taken advantage of.” – Bob Vanourek

Reading Recommendations

The Advice Epidemic

“The urge to convince others is overwhelming. On the surface, it appears virtuous to help, to instruct, to coach, to guide, to motivate. Giving advice gives the impression of nobility, as if we have a obligation to ameliorate the plight of the world, to assist people headed the “wrong” way, to point people in the “right” direction. We are all middlemen in the middle of a self-help epidemic.”

Paradox of Choice

“Choosing from a variety of options is often hard. Deciding which dish to eat, which movie to watch, what to listen to, or what to do in general… it’s quite an issue. This subject drew my attention because I face it in my everyday life.”


“In this excerpt from World Wide Waste, Gerry McGovern examines the environmental impact of bloated websites and unnecessary assets. Digital is physical. It seems cheap and free, but it’s not—…”

Weekly Mindfulness Practice

Whenever you feel today that you are tired, do this:

Close your eyes, stretch as high as you can, and yawn for 10 seconds.

Afterwards, pause for a moment and check in with your body. How does it feel?

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