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Unconditional Love – Nerdful Mind #40

October 18, 2020 by Simon Mannes

What is unconditional love?

It means many things simultaneously, and you can direct it towards another person or yourself.

Unconditional love means:

  • giving, expecting nothing in return
  • being appreciative and supportive
  • always assuming positive intentions
  • communicating openly, without fear, and non-defensively
  • being kind

Foremost, learn to love yourself unconditionally. If you do this, you can extend this unconditional love to other people in your life without hurting yourself.

You can love unconditionally, while protecting yourself. Don't tolerate neglect or abuse.

It helps to communicate your thoughts and feelings openly. This way you and the other person learn more about yourself.

"There is conditional love and unconditional love. One limits the mind the other sets it free" - Headspace

Reading Recommendations

How to Set Difficult Boundaries in a Compassionate Way By Hailey Magee

“It's possible to set boundaries without being harsh or mean. Here's how to communicate your needs in an honest and compassionate way.”

The Experiences That Make People Happiest - PsyBlog

“The boost to happiness can be seen in increased brain activity in regions critical to novelty and reward.”

What Is A Professional Programmer? by Sarah George - developer.*, Developer Dot Star

“How do people become professional programmers? Many people go the "traditional" path through a computer science or software engineering education and from there into professional programming work.”

Weekly Mindfulness Practice

This evening, take a piece of paper and note 3 things that made you happy today. Then write 3 things you are grateful for in your life. Enjoy this warm feeling you have now. If you like it, you can try tomorrow, too!

Research has shown that writing down what we are greatful for boosts our long-term happiness.

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