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You're Constantly Changing – Nerdful Mind #35

September 13, 2020 by Simon Mannes

Most things are changing.

From the people moving in and out of your city, over the cells in your body, to each thought in your mind.

The people in your life are also constantly changing, too. We make new experiences, learn about our environment and ourselves, and find new ways to cope with all those feelings that make us human.

Change isn't bad.

Change is awesome. And we should embrace it.

Without change, we aren't learning. We aren't developing and we have no chance to grow.

Every change is an opportunity to practice mindfulness. To notice our reaction and feelings, and to become kinder to ourselves and others.

Whether that change is moving to a new city, taking a different route when you're visiting someone, or a new thought appearing in your mind.

“Change is the only constant in life.” - Heraclitus

Reading Recommendations

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“My adults daughters are intrigued by the notion that their mom and dad met at age 12, started dating at age 17, married at age 20, and are still really happy 46 years after their first date.”

Heraclitus, change, and flow – Philosophy for change

“We are familiar with the principle of biological generation and corruption. Heraclitus puzzled over this principle two thousand years before the birth of the modern biological sciences and drew the ultimate lesson for the human condition. As material beings, we live in a world of flux. Moreover, we are flux. As physical bodies, we are growing and dying all the time, consuming light and resources to replicate our structure, while shedding matter continuously.”

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Weekly Mindfulness Practice

This week, let's try a challenge.

Every time you sit down today, take one deep breath. Don't start doing what you wanted to do before you have consciously taken one breath.

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